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Cunning and captured

Free and endangered

January 31st, 2007

Bla and TV stuff @ 08:01 pm

I either feel or want you to think I'm feeling:: crappy crappy
I'm listening to:: Memory- Cats


The pipes in my house froze again last night. That means no water. My landlord and his friend came by and fixed them earlier, but it took a long time with me standing around freezing, since I didn't have a jacket on, because I couldn't think of a polite way to go inside and leave them. For a while it was just the landlord's friend there, and it seemed mean for me to leave him by himself, and I didn't want to invite him in, since I didn't know him and I live alone. I think I went in finally when my shivering was affecting my speech.

I have to get a tetnus shot. I hate needles. I'm terrified. I knew one guy who got a tetnus shot and he was crying afterwards and this is a guy who never cried. The wilderness program I'm trying to get into requires it for your application to be considered. Not fair! I should at least be accepted before having to do that! Aghhh....

In other health news, I've got one other medicine to try to help my hernia, before surgery is "considered". Which with this guy "consider" means "yes". It's laser surgery at least, so that's not bad. One month till I see him again, but if this stuff doesn't work after two weeks, I don't want to wait any longer! Medication and life style changes are not helping! Give me the goddamn surgery! I'm so tired of choking on everything I put in my mouth, heartburn, nausea, constipation, spit burning all the time, etc.

Okay, time to stop complaining. I'm done.

I've been having fun picking TV shows and movies and turning them into musicals in my head. It's so much fun, next time you're bored, try it. My sister and I have been watching the first season of "House". I had songs for almost all the characters, but I didn't write them down, and now I don't remember most of them. I do remember Cameron singing "Beautiful Disaster" and a really funny mental picture of House singing "I'm Not an Addict".

*cracks up*
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Date:February 2nd, 2007 04:10 am (UTC)
frozen pipes... tetnus shots.. a hernia?!

my goodness, you poor thing =( my hose froze and I was pisssssed lol, I could not imagine all the pipes!! hang in there, and shots aren't sooo bad, just don't look and imagine it's like getting your ears pierced... I know that's silly but it helps me =)
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Date:February 2nd, 2007 08:46 am (UTC)
I've never had my ears pierced...

Cunning and captured

Free and endangered